Here is a glimpse of what the NEA, National Educators Association, stands for and how it is harmful to families:

The NEA’s 2010“Legislative Program for the 111th Congress, Second Session” Handbook included strong statements of support for reproductive rights (i.e. abortion) and nationalized health care. In the handbook, the NEA supports legislation that:

  • protects reproductive freedom (i.e. access to abortion) without governmental intervention
  • prohibits religious organizations that accept federal funds from discriminating in hiring and delivery of services on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or HIV/AIDS status
  • promotes full equality and opportunity—economic and educational—for all, including the addition of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the Constitution (Legal scholars agree the ERA would enshrine a constitutional right to abortion if ever passed.)
  • supports a national health care policy that will mandate universal coverage with the highest quality health care at the lowest possible cost that would include coverage for full men’s and women’s reproductive health care

In 2009, NEA delegates defeated a measure to take a neutral abortion stance in the union’s bylaws. The abortion neutral measure would have invalidated the current NEA Resolution I-16 which says the NEA “supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom” (i.e. abortion).

In 2008, the NEA gave $86,862 to Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign.

In March of 2008, the NEA sponsored the Feminist Majority Conference at their national headquarters in Washington,D.C. The special guest to the event was Dr. George Tiller, the infamous late-term abortionist from Wichita, KS. View a video of pro-life activists speaking to Dr. Tiller at the event.

In 2008, the NEA hired Karen White the long time Political Director of Emily’s List, a national organization that funds pro-abortion political candidates,  as head of their Campaigns and Election Department.

In 2002, 2 members of the NEA testified at congressional hearings citing that they were being discriminated by NEA because of their religious beliefs against abortion and homosexuality.

Randall Moody, the NEA’s chief lobbyist, formerly served on the board of Planned Parenthood’s political action arm. He is also connected with Republicans for Choice.

The NEA serves on the Leadership Council of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project (PEP), which “consists of pro-choice organizations that can take the message of PEP to each of their constituencies”

During the NEA’s July 1997 Annual Meeting, delegates adopted various by-laws supporting abortion and homosexual rights and opposing parental rights.

In 2005, federal rules required large labor unions like the NEA to report in greater details their expenditures. For the 2004-2005 fiscal year, the NEA reported spending $56.8 millon on union administration, $65.5 million on contributions, gifts, and grants, and $25 million on political activities and lobbying. To get an idea on what those contributions were spent on, see the below list and read more at

NEA contributed $5,000 to the pro-abortion Republican organization, The Wish List, in 2002, $5,000 in 2004, and $2,500 in 2006.